Monday, February 6, 2017

Moves Week, All-Scotland MLC

Monday, February 06, 2017
    Well it has probably been one of the busiest weeks of my mission! We hardly had any time for missionary work, but we are back to a pretty normal schedule now, so I am real excited. We have had loads of travel and just so much time spent doing logistical things and waking up early to get tasks done, it was just wild. We spent almost all of Monday just moving missionaries around leaving and coming into the zone. We were able to plan things out to save us a little bit of time though by sending most of the missionaries going to the highlands straight through Inverness rather than going through here in Aberdeen, so that was nice, although some trains got into Inverness really late so we felt bad for some of the Elders there who were up late, but it all worked out in the end. Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to do a lot of missionary work, and it was fun because we exchanged with the Elders going to the Shetland islands because their ferry wasn't until Friday. But amongst all that time, we also had to arrange the travel for all the missionaries to get down for the All-Scotland conference in Edinburgh on Thursday, which is difficult for us because we are so far from Edinburgh. But it all worked out fine between sending some missionaries on Wednesday night and some coming down early Thursday morning.

     So we had a fantastic conference on Thursday with General Authority Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy with us. He spoke to us a lot about repentance and striving to keep our own covenants and commitments if we expect those that we teach to do the same thing. We are all at a different point in our progression on our path back to Heavenly Father, but according to the light and knowledge that we have we must be true to that. As we progress further and make more covenants we have stronger commitments, but also so many blessings to receive. It was a great meeting and there were so many great missionaries that I got to see there. Elder Johnson also had the opportunity to stay for our Mission Leadership Council on Friday, which was such an incredible meeting. We spoke a lot about the new key indicators and how we can still be accountable even though we report such few numbers. Elder Johnson and President Donaldson explained very well that the Lord reveals certain commandments or principles for a given season because it is necessary for a time, but in order for us to progress and grow the most at a given time, there is new revelation to help us. It was also fun to spend Thursday evening staying in Edinburgh being back where I had served and staying in my old flat with Elder Peacock and just reminiscing. Oh and there is some really exciting news!! There was just a temple trip with the Edinburgh YSA on Saturday, so a lot of the recent converts in Edinburgh that I know were able to go to the temple for the first time like Keith and Laura, so that was so fun to hear that!!

      So things have changed a lot for the Aberdeen zone. Some new areas are opened that were shut down previously and there is a huge change in missionaries in our zone. Like I said last week, we got new sisters in our ward this last week who replaced the Elders in our ward, and they are fantastic! The ward is so excited to have sisters, and I think it will be a really good change. Sister Brodien is from Tahiti and Sister Metcalf is from Utah and they have already been working so hard and are accomplishing a lot, so it is definitely a positive change.

Sisters Brodien (in Aberdeen ward now), Weber, Palmer, Me and Elder Parsons,
 Sisters Metcalf (in Aberdeen now), McComber

      So our area is a bit weak after most of the week out of our area and so much travel, but Lewis is still doing okay. He is set to be baptised this coming Saturday, but there is a lot to organise and he has been quite sick recently so we are praying that it goes through!! I am really excited for this coming transfer in Aberdeen. There is a whole lot to accomplish.

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