Monday, February 6, 2017

Staying in Aberdeen

The Haggis!!

Monday, January 30, 2017
    Well it's been a busy weekend and Monday so far for us! We got our moves call on Saturday night... and I will be staying here in Aberdeen with Elder Parsons!! I am really excited to be staying to be honest, there are a lot of great things going on at the moment. However, besides Elder Parsons and I, there is only one other companionship staying the same in the zone. It is a HUGE moves so we have been quite busy already trying to take care of everyone moving around. We had our moves planning all day yesterday with moves day today. We were up at 4am this morning to send missionaries from here in Aberdeen zone to Ireland and we have a pretty constant flow of missionaries moving in and out! There are some good things happening though that will help the zone. The other Elders that were in Aberdeen ward with me have been moved out and are getting replaced with sisters so we are way stoked for that!

    Most of the rest of the week wasn't too busy before this weekend. I am sure you have heard about the world-wide missionary broadcast on Wednesday (Thursday for us) which changed the missionary schedule and the key indicators that we report. I am looking forward to it- seems like a real positive thing and helps us stay focused on our missionary purpose to invite others to come unto Christ instead of just teaching lessons to have something to report. It should help some missionaries have a different, positive mind set as well.

    Another cool event this past week was Robbie Burns night (Scottish celebration for the famous poet) which is just an excuse to celebrate, but it was quite fun. We went to Laura and James house for a traditional burns night supper with Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties.

Click to learn more about Robert Burns

      Celebrating Robbin Burns night
      with Laura and James
. Traditional Scottish meal:
Haggis, Neeps and Tatties 

And the ward also had a celebration on Friday night as well which had some traditional Scottish music and dancing and other things. We were able to have a few investigators there as well.

Robbie Burns night in the cultural hall. 

Kiera and Lewis both came and had a great time, they also both came to church this week! So they are doing really well! Lewis was scheduled to be baptised this coming Saturday, but just because of a few strange things going on this week and some things happening with the ward, it may not happen till the following week. He is all ready to go and has been interviewed for baptism and everything! We found a few really good new people this week as well, but after just one or two meetings it is difficult to tell how committed people are so hopefully we will have news next week.

    Well it will be such an incredibly crazy week this week as we have moves day and then on Thursday is All-Scotland Conference with a visiting General Authority Elder Paul V. Johnson. Then we have Mission Leadership Council on Friday with Elder Johnson staying for that as well. So a good portion of the week will be spent in Edinburgh for me. But hopefully we will have plenty of time to find and teach and progress some of our friends.

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