Monday, February 20, 2017

Visiting the Orkney Islands!

Monday, February 20, 2017
     What a unique and exciting week! I better start with the highlight... Visiting Orkney!! What a beautiful part of the world, I loved every bit of it.

     So Elder Parsons and I left from Aberdeen airport Thursday evening and arrived into Kirkwall airport with a little bit of time to do some missionary work that evening. It was a tiny plane we flew on with less than 40 seats, and it was under an hour of flight time.

Unfortunately it was dark flying up there so it wasn’t too exciting of a flight because we were pretty cramped in the small plane.

 Friday we spent all day in Orkney and it was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely sunny and almost warm the entire day... pretty unexpected. The Islands are such a great place to be... much different than anywhere else I have been on my mission. First of all, the work was soooo great! I spent most of the day in the biggest town on the main island, Kirkwall. It isn't that big but there were plenty of people out and everyone was so nice, it was so easy to strike up conversations! I was with the district leader up there, Elder Smith, and he has a lot of energy and because the community is quite small he knew quite a few people around in the town centre.
Kirkwall, capital of the Orkneys 

We saw so many miracles though. We probably set up about 7 return appointments with people who were interested and found one man named David who we taught right on the spot and he accepted a date for baptism! It was just a spectacular day. In the evening we even had a chance to have dinner with one of the only families in the branch there- they were so kind. It must be pretty tough there as the branch has usually less than 10 people who come to church until more recently. We got lots of beautiful photos while there as well. The only negative thing was the cell phone reception was absolutely horrible... it was hard to text or call anyone. But overall I really enjoyed it. It was actually quite refreshing being in a small place pretty isolated from most people. I think I would actually love serving in a place like that to finish my mission as I have always been in busy cities surrounded with lots of missionaries, which I love, but a change also sounds kind of nice.

Want to learn more about the Orkney Islands?

Mainland Scotland

The rest of our week was pretty average I would say. We have found quite a few really good people we are excited about, especially this Brazilian girl we started teaching yesterday. But it is difficult to tell how well they will progress as of now. 

This week we should have lots of time in our area and so many great opportunities to teach and find, so I am excited for some unhindered work!! 

The Beautiful Orkney Islands

St Magnus Cathedral  (Kirkwall)                                                             

Circle of Stones:  Stones of Stenness

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