Monday, March 6, 2017

Normal Week

Monday, March 06, 2017
So this was a pretty normal week for us I'd say.

So on Monday all the missionaries here in Aberdeen and couple of members we are good friends with went bowling at an alley here. It was quite fun! I haven't been bowling for 2 years, so I was pretty rusty to say the least.

Throughout the rest of the week, we just had some good days of finding and teaching. We had a couple of exchanges in the middle of the week. So on Wednesday, I was with a district leader Elder Carlisle, and I was able to go to his area which is still in Aberdeen city, but he is in the other ward. What I loved about it was that it includes Aberdeen university! My current area doesn't have the university, which is disappointing because students are always so open-minded and fun to speak to. So I got to spend several hours at the uni when I was with Elder Carlisle, and we got 20 return appointments and taught 2 people in just the few hours we were together! It reminded me of Edinburgh where I was always at Edinburgh Uni. So I really enjoyed it to say the least. We had another exchange on Thursday with the Elders from the highlands (Invergordan), where they came here to Aberdeen, so that was also a lot of fun, I went finding just about all day, but it was sunny the whole day so it was incredible!!

Sunday was a pretty unique church experience. There was a Northern Europe Multi-Stake Broadcast for all of the UK & Ireland, and all the Scandinavian countries. We heard from L. Whitney Clayton, Linda S. Reeves, Timothy J. Dyches, and Elder M. Russell Ballard. There were a lot of great talks about, finding joy, being resilient, and developing our personal testimonies. Elder Ballard's talk was especially very bold and powerful. He addressed specifically those who begin to lose their faith and testimony. We never know who around us could be struggling spiritually, so he talked about maintaining healthy spiritual practices, and warned against many people these days who pervert the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the Church. He spoke of the transparency of the Church these days and how there are so many resources to answer questions as well as many loved ones who can help us. 

A lot of our friends are progressing well. We are most excited about Simone, who has developed such a strong testimony already, and has such a great desire to be baptised. She knows many of the members already and fits in great! So there is one concern at the moment that will prevent her from being baptised, which is that she is currently living with her fiancee, so are discussing what her options are, as she will need to either get married or live in different accommodations. So we will see what happens. We are really excited for her though, she has so much faith!!

This week is moves call on Saturday. I have two transfers left. I think it is very possible that I could move and finish my mission in a different area, but I have no idea. We will see!!

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