Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring is here

Monday, March 27, 2017
So it was quite a normal week for us I suppose. We were able to work basically all week with no interruptions along with a few exchanges in our area as well.

On Tuesday, I was with Elder Kapolnasi who is from Hungary. He is still new out and learning English, so it was great being with him for the day and helping him experiment with approaching people and keeping conversations going. It must be sooo difficult coming on a mission learning English, especially in Scotland where it can hardly sound like English sometimes. I was also on exchanges with Elder Hinckley on Friday, who was in the MTC with me. So we both have about 2 months left so it was really great reflecting on what we have learned and what we have done in the past 2 years. 

We made some new discoveries in our area this week. There is a university that we can find at!!! So I knew there were 2 uni's in Aberdeen, but I thought that most of the students all lived in the other ward in Aberdeen, but we came to discover this week that Robert Gordon University is far into our area so most of the students live there as well, and it is a fantastic place to find people who are open-minded and willing to speak. Students are the best!! So we already have several great people to teach who we are excited about, especially Becka who is a Polish student and was willing to meet with us on the stop and really interested to keep learning. A lot of our other investigators have been doing really well, like Ivar who has a baptismal interview set up for a week and a half's time. We also came across this former investigator named Bob who has been on and off for a few years but has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot in the past few months and listening to a lot of talks from church leaders, especially Truman G. Madsen who he loves. He is very knowledgeable! He seems quite keen for baptism, but he, like a lot of others, has had a tough time getting to church. For some reason we can find so many great new people and schedule quite a lot of people for baptism, but it has been difficult to get people to come to church recently, which halts progression a lot! 

We are excited for General Conference this coming week though. My last conference of my mission!! Oh and my birthday tomorrow will be quite fun. We are going out to a nice lunch today to celebrate and are planning to play some sports on the beach with all the missionaries.
An incredible sister in the ward, Sister Milne,
had an amazing dinner and celebration for my
birthday on Friday!   
 It has been incredibly sunny hallelujah!! It feels like Spring finally. So we were outside a lot on Saturday and we were starting to get really warm, so we looked at the temperature and it said 15 degress Celsius... which is like 59 F. ... I will be in real trouble when I come home for summer in 2 months time!

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