Sunday, March 19, 2017

Staying in Aberdeen!

Monday, March 13, 2017
Well here it is!! I will be staying here in Aberdeen as the zone leader... But I have a new companion, named Elder Butler from Sandy, Utah. He is a brand new zone leader is really young, only been out 5 transfers. He is really great though!! I was his zone leader when he came into the mission whilst I was in Edinburgh and I was really impressed with him. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was a young missionary. This was probably my last opportunity to train a brand new missionary and be released as a zone leader, so I was a little bit sad at first, but I am reaaalllly excited to be staying here in Aberdeen because of all the great people we are working with. The best transfers of my mission have also been while I have been training new zone leaders as well, so I am looking forward to the last months of my mission. I think it will be most likely that I will stay with Elder Butler in Aberdeen until the end of my mission.

So it was a fantastic week for us and our area is doing really well! Simone is amazing and after teaching her the Law of Chastity, she has asked her fiancee if they can get married soon so she can be baptised. She is honestly incredible and so committed. She wants to make arrangements for her marriage and then baptised right after! So we are thrilled with Simone, and most of our other investigators are still doing quite good. Our friend Ivar who we have been teaching for a couple months, finally committed to a baptismal date in April which is a huge step for him. He asked specifically about the importance of baptism this week and felt the Spirit strong at different points, and agreed to be baptised. However he is used to his other church, and his wife in not interested in our church, so it is really difficult for him. There are some great members who have reached out to him though. 

This past Monday we climbed this really cool hill outside of Aberdeen call Bennachie. At the top we got stuck in a cloud and it started raining and hailing on us so we didn't get the best views from the very top, but it was still pretty fun! We climbed with a member from the other ward here in Aberdeen and all the other missionaries serving in Aberdeen city.

On Tuesday we drove to Inverness for district meeting, which was really great! And then the rest of the week we just put in some great work and got to teach so many of our friends and found a few new good people to teach. We got our moves call on Saturday night, and we went out to dinner with the other missionaries in Aberdeen city to celebrate.
Dinner at Nando's  

 The moves was quite small for our zone! Literally every companionship stayed the same except for Elder Parsons leaving me and one Elder in Fraserburgh leaving.

Saying goodbye to Elder Parsons at the train station.

On Sunday we had this really cool fireside in the evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Aberdeen stake centre being built. It was really cool actually. 

Well I am excited for this upcoming transfer. A lot of good things ahead!

                   Climbing up Bennachie
                       in Aberdeen

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  1. Loved seeing all the pictures. And hearing about your investigators.
    Sister Fowles