Monday, April 17, 2017

Staying in Aberdeen until the END

Monday, April 17, 2017
Well my last moves call has come! I will be staying here in Aberdeen until the end of my mission. However, I will have a different companion. Elder Butler, is leaving to go to Mullingar in the centre of Ireland and my new companion is Elder Crawley! I love Elder Crawley so much! We served in the same ward in Edinburgh for 1 transfer, and he started his mission in Galway just like me. He is from Utah, and he is already a pretty experienced zone leader so I won't have quite as much responsibility which is nice. I am really excited to finish my last transfer here strong.

It was quite a fun week for us. We went to Loch Ness on Monday and it was soooo cool!!


                  Loch Ness 

 We went to this castle right on the water called Urquhart castle- it is such a touristy place.
Urquhart Castle 

We stayed the night in Inverness until district meeting there.  We drove back and were able to have a pretty productive rest of the week. We got our moves call on Saturday afternoon, quite earlier than usual. There are a lot of changes happening in our zone!! It is going to be quite a busy week for us as there are at least a few missionaries moving on each day of the week. MLC is on Thursday in Edinburgh this week also which is where I am meeting Elder Crawley and then we are driving back to Aberdeen together. 

Want to learn more about Urquhart castle? Click here!
Me and Elder Butler at Loch Ness 
Sunday was Easter of course! We had the privilege of having Stake Conference on Easter and there were a ton of great speakers. President Donaldson came and gave an incredible talk about finding peace through repentance, I loved it! True peace in the world comes from Jesus Christ and his infinite Atonement. Easter as a missionary is the most special because we are inviting all to come unto Christ and the only reason that is possible is because of the Atonement and Resurrection of Christ. It was a great day to reflect because it is my last Easter as a missionary. Our friend Ivar came to Stake conference and he seemed to really enjoy it. He is so close to being baptised, he just needs to reach more of an agreement with his wife who is not so supportive.

The rest of Easter was not that miraculous as we spent the rest of the day planning the moves for this coming week. There are a lot!! So it took quite a while. This will really be last time having to take care of moves though, so I am pretty grateful. I am ready to go forth with all my effort this last transfer- so it starts this week.

More photos of Urquhart Castle 

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