Monday, April 10, 2017

Wild Week

              Loch Muick
Monday, April 10, 2017
So it has been another eventful and interesting week for us. It started off pretty fun and also a bit crazy. So we had a combined conference with our zone (Aberdeen), and Dundee zone. Some missionaries traveling from the Northern and Western Isles got to Aberdeen on Monday, so we had a fun time together. Most of the city missionaries and the Elders from Shetland drove out to the Cairngorms national park (lots of mountains and beautiful scenery) and went to a lake called Loch Muick. It was gorgeous! We also tried to make it to Balmoral Castle where the Queen stays in the summer, but it was too expensive to 
even get on the grounds to see it.

Then it was madness on Monday evening and Tuesday morning managing to arrange all the missionaries from both zones to get to the Aberdeen stake centre for our conference. So after that and our interviews with President on Wednesday, things were able to even out a bit. We were also to go to Edinburgh on Friday for an exchange with the Assistants, but that was canceled last minute the night before, sadly, because we had our whole day cleared out. So it was a bit of a tougher week with lots of things going on, but still some positive things happening. Our friend Ivar was interviewed for baptism and passed!! However, there is still some resistance from his wife, which then makes it difficult for him to come to church. So he will need to start attending church regularly in order to actually make the step to be baptised. Most of our other friends we have been teaching we were not able to see this week sadly.

But I am really looking forward to our week ahead. There are lots of new people that we are excited about and of course it is Easter weekend coming up. This Saturday will be my last moves call of my mission. I feel pretty certain I will be staying here in Aberdeen, but you never know.

Well today we are headed to Loch Ness with the Inverness Elders for P-day as we will be in Inverness for district meeting tomorrow, so I have to go for now.

My friend, Elder Powell, down from the Shetland Islands

Traveling to  Cairngorms Park

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