Monday, May 22, 2017

The LAST week!

Aberdeen missionaries with Sister Milne, President and Sister Donaldson
Monday, May 22, 2017
Well this is it! The end of my two year journey! One more week until I see my parents and begin touring the Scotland/Ireland mission. I feel really motivated still, so I hope that continues through this last week. We have some really great opportunities ahead.

This past week was quite busy with organising everything for our combined zone conference on Tuesday. I gave my departing testimony in front of all the missionaries there and had my final interview with President on Wednesday. It was a really unique feeling. A lot of missionaries at the conference I saw for the last time as well, so it was bittersweet.

Arizona Crew:  Elder Price (from Mesa), me, Sister Coons (from Gilbert), Sister Clarke (from Glendale), Sister Hill (from Yuma), and Sister Six (from Ahwatukee) 

On Friday this week, I had my last time doing missionary work in Edinburgh! I was on exchanges with my former companion Elder Peacock who I served with in Edinburgh. It was soooo fun!! We taught some great lessons, found some good people, and got to see a whole lot of recent converts who we baptised together. It was amazing! As well, I got to see a girl named Cassidy who I spoke to on the street for the first time, last time I was on exchanges in Edinburgh in February, and she got baptised in March. She remembered me, and it was so good to see her. She is actually American and was just at Edinburgh Uni for a semester.

Me with Sister Dent (mission office staff,
Cassidy (who got baptised after I left Edinburgh,
Elder Peacock and Keith

Elder Peacock and Laura, who got
 baptised while I was in Edinburgh

So Elder Peacock and I were able to work pretty hard and find new people and progress some of our friends close to baptism. Unfortunately, after a powerful lesson with Ivar on Saturday, he does not quite feel ready for baptism this week, and Charlotte won't be either, but she is getting interviewed for baptism this week, so will probably get baptised right after I leave! She is doing so well! I will be really sad to leave Aberdeen. We have just started teaching some other really good people. This Italian guy named Stefano came to church and really enjoyed it. He is still learning English but is just attracted to the church and meeting with us and enjoys learning. We had an Indian University student named Francis who also came to church as well after we met with him a few times. Things are going really well and I am ready to work hard and keep busy for my final week as a missionary. This is it!! This Sunday I will be traveling down to Edinburgh in the morning for all of our departing activities, and then my parents on Monday.

Till the work is done

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